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Model 232

Model P232 - Reconditioned
Automatic Clamping and Manual Movement

Flaring, Beading, Squaring and Deburring Machine


  • Beading Capacity:                      1/4" to 1 -1/2" O.D. Tubing
  • Flaring Capacity:                        1/8" to 2" O.D. Tubing
  • Flaring Angles:                            37 and 45 degrees AN, JIC, SAE, ASME, MS
  • Squaring/Deburring Capability:  1/8" to 2" O.D. Tubing
  • Electric Motor:                            1/2 H.P. 115/230-60
  • Machine Dimensions:                18-1/2"W, 23-1/2"d, 13-5/8"H
  • Dimensions (with cabinet):        20"W, 23-1/2"D, 42"H
  • Weight (machine):                     168lbs.
FLARING: The base machine, flaring dies and a flaring head are necessary to flare.
BEADING: The base machine, beading head, beading die and beader are necessary to bead.
SQUARING AND DEBURRING: The base machine, squaring-deburring head and appropriate flaring die are necessary.
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