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Olsen Model 10

Watch Video of Model 10 in Operation

The Model 10 deburring machine is a two (2) spindle bench mount deburring machine which provides a fast, easy way to remove the burrs generated by various tube cut-off operations. With two ball bearing mounted spindles, an inside deburing tool is mounted on one spindle and an outside deburring tool is mounted on the second spindle.

Tubing from 3/16" O.D. to 3/4" O.D. can be deburred without having to change set-ups or tools.

The unit is powered by 1/3 H.P., 115/220 Volt, 60 cycle, single phase electric motor. Included is an OFF-ON toggle switch with overload protection and four foot long, three wire grounded type electric cord and plug.

Two adjustable "V" type stock guides, drive belt and tool guard, one I.D. and one O.D. deburring tool.

The unit is supplied completely assembled and ready for mounting to your bench.
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